QML-250-K-24 | Tilt Mount

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Qlight QML-250-K-24 | LED Work Light | 24VDC | Cool white | Water, Vibration and Oil Resistant | IP67/ IP69K | Tilt mount | Heavy duty applications

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Qlight QML-250-K-24 | LED Work Light | 24VDC | Cool white

Excellent oil resistance with a special sealing structure with IP67 protection rating, suitable for machine tool applications with cutting fluids
Suitable for high pressure and high temperature water cleaning environments(IP69K)
Tempered glass prevents damage from machine tool chips
Foreign substances do not accumulate on the shielding glass surface of the working light due to its flush structure to the housing structure oft he product
Tilt mount
Equipped anti-glare filter
Suitable for environments that require stable intensity illumination for improved visibility
Standard entry cable included.
Certificates : CE, UL

Weight 900 g
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Qlight QML-QMHL Series

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